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Captain Fitzroy

A pioneering meteorlogist, coining the word "Forecast" for daily weather predictions that were accurate. Additionally, a British Royal Navy Officer, scientist, and captain of the HMS Beagle during Charles Darwin's voyage.

Nautlius-Pompilus-Argonaut confusion

The Nautilus is a family of sea animals. The Nautilus pompilius is a chambered Nautilus. Argonauts are "paper Nautilus" and not beloning to the same family as a Nautilus, hence they are often confused.

The word Argonaut also seems to be associated with Greek Sailors, so named because of the ship of Argo, by its creator Argus. Since Atlantis often has Greek connotations, it could be argued that those of Atlantis were "Argonauts"

Frightened of sharks origin, pre 1870

A lot of this seems to be pointing towards an event in 1916 where a shark attacked 4 people. This doesn't add up, since this book was written in 1870 and presents the same fear in the professor. Going further back, it may be related to a 14 year old being killed by a shark, and that story being published in Morning Chronicle and London Advertiser in 1778, despite the event occuring in 1749. Seems a likely origin.


The mother of Brutus, where the term "Et Tu Brutus" originated. Fairly interesting, as Servilla had an affair with Julius Caesar.

King Gargantua

Name of a character in the French work Gargantua and Pantagruel, which is a French Classic comparable to Shakespeare using a lot of wordplay and introducing a lot of new French words due to the author being a polyglot.

Dugong classification - Creature mistaken for Sirens and Mermaids?

Referred to as sea cows. Seems to only hold weight in the eastern seas around China- though they are almost extinct there now. They were mistaken for Mermaids, but this is the eastern conception of Mermaids not the Western conception of them. This creature being mistaken this way does hold up.

The Dugong is also related to the Manatee.

Mt Horeb/Mt Sinai

Mt Horeb is the mountain where Moses was given the 10 commandments by God. This mountain is geographically confused, as some thought the eastern side was Horeb and the western side was Sinai, and some thought there were 2 peaks.

Mt Sinai is ultimately a different mountain. Some texts say it occurred at Mt Sinai not Mt Horeb, but I'll follow consensus on it being Mt Horeb.


A copy of the Greek hero Heracles. Champion of the weak. Extremely strong and resilient.

Orion Star Sign

The Hunter. Orion in Greek Mythology is the son of Poseidon. Referred to more in Homer's Odyssey.

Sir Walter Scott's Hero

Author and Scottish Novelist. Some character from his work is referred to as a Hero without any reference to who it would be. Worthwhile looking into his works.

Southern Cross Polar Star

Connects to the star called Polaris, and commonly used by sailors to navigate south. Referred to as the Star of the Sea.

Arthur Gordon Pym

Edgar Allen Poe story about a stowaway on a ship, ending up in a series of disasters on deck. Also eventually, ending up going towards the South Pole on ship where the story ends. Noted because it's a semi-realistic story- and was mentioned when the Nautilus was at the South Pole.

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